Ching Crafts for a Cause: Kids create, donate to Kythe

Ching Crafts for a Cause, Kids create, donate to Kythe

Early in 2015, Diana Ching and her children set up an initiative called “Ching Crafts for a Cause (3Cs),” a workshop for kids aged seven and under to gather together and do arts and crafts based on monthly or quarterly themes. Two successful crafts sessions have since been held from January—the first being at Arcadia Montessori in Tacoma, WA, where Diana’s son goes to school; wherein twenty five kids attended; and the second in Diana’s house in University Place, with ten kids and Diana, her mom, and her own kids in charge.

For both sessions, the kids celebrated Chinese New Year with colorful Chinese lanterns, fuzzy sheep to commemorate the Year of the Ram, and fortune cookies with secret messages inside. Sponsors covered the art materials, and the kids were asked for a small donation in order to participate in the sessions—these, Diana says, were their own savings, earned from doing household chores.

“My kids and I created this art initiative early this year for two reasons: to help kids create with their hands and at the same time instill philanthropy in them at an early age,” Diana says of 3Cs. “It is never too early to be generous with your skills, right?

“A jeepney ‘piggy’ bank, always present at the craft sessions, is placed at the entrance of the craft area, so kids can experience dropping off their earned savings (we encouraged parents to let the kids earn their participation, by giving them small tasks at home). …And yes, we told them that no donation is too small, pennies add up to dollars, so every bit counts!” she adds.

Thus, the kids truly helped the events succeed by generously giving their time, skills, and savings. Diana hopes to continue the spirit of giving with future sessions for kids of different ages, as well as adults, with guest artists for activities such as batik making and watercolor, oil pastel, and charcoal art.

”Everyone is excited to create and donate to this worthy cause,” says Diana, who on behalf of the kids and her family is delighted to support Kythe. “I hope you are as excited as we are!”