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Atty. Regina Jacinto-Barrientos: Every Day, Every Act

Atty Regina Jacinto-Barrientos Every Day, Every Act

People refer to Atty. Regina Jacinto-Barrientos as a lawyer. Graduating from Ateneo de Manila University and Ateneo Law School, she stood as part of the top 15 of her class and was a member of the editorial board in the Ateneo Law Journal. In 1996, she was admitted to the Philippine Bar and became a founding partner of PJS Law. However, she is more comfortable being introduced as Reggie, the wife of tennis star Felix Barrientos and the mother of Diego and Andro.

Once rooted in a desire to change the world, Reggie’s drive in her personal and professional life matured with age, and is now directed toward making positive impact in the lives of the people that she meets and works with. Every day is important, and so is every act. “I always hope that in the 24 hours of a day, it will contain at least 1 moment that I have touched someone’s life, whether the same is by being able to help, make another person laugh, thank someone for their assistance, put order in chaos (whether at work or at home), or show someone I care for them,” she says. “Everything we do is always in the context of another and I hope that I will be able to enable another to be better.”

Reggie first became involved with Kythe through Mr. Junie del Mundo, who currently sits as vice president of the Board of Trustees. PJS Law was set to be the external counsel of Kythe Foundation. It was past president Mr. Gerry Bacarro who gave Reggie the push to contribute as a trustee. She acknowledges this to be a new kind of challenge altogether, one that has proven to be meaningful and fulfilling.

“Working with a dynamic board and being with them at my first Christmas party last year have been my memorable experience,” Reggie says. “Sharing the smiles and laughter of both the patients and volunteers made me realize that I was not the giver of gifts, but a recipient. I witnessed God’s face in the joy and smiles of the children and their families, something we sometimes forget to experience in our busy lives.”

At the heart of Reggie’s inspiration are the children and the organization’s hardworking team; her special wish is for Kythe’s continued success, that it will continue help and put in its fold more children and provide for happy memories to sustain the miracle of healing.

Ascendas turns over at hema-onco in QMMC on third year with Kythe

Ascendas turns over at hema-onco in QMMC on third year with Kythe

What marked Singapore-based company Ascendas’s third year as a trusted partner of Kythe Foundation was a renovation of the hema-onco room in the Quirino Memorial Medical Center, commemorated with an official turnover held last September 20, 2014.

Ascendas is a leading Asia-wide provider of business space solutions such as for business, IT, industry, and hi-tech parks. The scope of the company’s contribution toward the Child Life Program over the past two years includes the renovation of comfort rooms and utility materials, donation of toys, and check donations to the National Children’s Hospital.

Even during the height of the recent Typhoon Mario, Ascendas general manager Atty. Joel Cruz and his team visited the patients in the QMMC ward, facilitated the turnover of the check donation, distributed packages for the families, and played with the children in the playroom. All were able to make the best of the rains and spend the day safe, smiling, and thankful.

Junie del Mundo: Community in focus

Junie del Mundo - Community in focus Kythe

His sights set on a Philippine private sector that was full of promise and new opportunities, former diplomat and current chairman and CEO Mr. Junie del Mundo took the challenge and jumpstarted the EON Stakeholder Relations Firm with his two closest friends. EON, as Mr. del Mundo says, was his response to propelling the nation; the company has now made ripples the world over.

“16 years after we ventured into our own business, EON is now poised as one of the largest and most successful communication firms in the world. For 2 years in a row, it has been listed among the top 250 PR firms in the world in the Holmes Report’s World PR Report,” Mr. del Mundo says, of the progress the company has made over the years. “Outside overseeing operations at work, I partner with different organizations in advocating business preparedness for the ASEAN integration. “

Now with a number of challenges to engage the international business community, Mr. del Mundo says there must always be room to focus on a sense of country and community into the work itself. Many of EON’s greatest initiatives have been and continue to be centered on benefiting the country.

One such initiative is Kythe Foundation, where Mr. del Mundo is currently the vice-president of the Board of Trustees.

“It was in 2010 when we got Kythe as one of our advocacy partners,” he shares. “We helped Kythe mount its annual partners forum and contribute in operations, communication strategies, and plans for organizational development. In 2011, I was invited to be part of their board of trustees. To this day, we continue to support Kythe in its endeavor to improve the quality of life among hospitalized children with cancer and chronic illnesses.”

Both on a personal level and on the level of the EON community that he leads, Mr. del Mundo keeps the Kythe kids in perspective. Knowing that EON is about people, he believes that helping the community is not only a professional goal, but good for the soul—and that being with the kids and sharing their joy has its own rewards.

“At the heart of what I do lies a fundamental belief that ‘no amount of material success can replace the satisfaction of a life well lived,’” he says. “The kids at Kythe also give us something in return of our support. Through our community work, we witness happiness, we reach a deeper understanding of life, and we feel the love. We receive what money can’t buy. I wish that more people can extend support for the kids. So that through us, they see a world more beautiful.”

SC Johnson renews commitment to Child Life Program in Philippine Heart Center

SC Johnson renews commitment to Child Life Program

ABOVE (left to right): Ms. Chato Tolentino; Janet Mendoza (Mary Joy’s mother); HR manager Adrian Tiozon; executive director Girlie Garcia Lorenzo; trustee Gerry Bacarro; patient Mary Joy Mendoza; country manager Mr. Floyd Pedernal; and PHC Child Life Coordinator Juliet Marleen Reyes.

To pass on a Deed of Donation and to celebrate three years of advocacy for the Child Life Program, Kythe and SC Johnson held a turnover event last August 28 at the SC Johnson office in Estrella, Makati, in the presence of the SC Johnson staff, Kythe staff, and Kythe beneficiary families.

SC Johnson was represented by country manager Mr. Floyd Pedernal, HR manager Mr. Adrian Tiozon, and Ms. Chato Tolentino.

Members of the Kythe team present to receive the donation were trustee Mr. Gerry Bacarro, executive director Girlie Garcia Lorenzo, partner relations manager Karen Rivera, and PHC Child Life Coordinator Juliet Marleen Reyes.

Impressed particularly by Kythe’s professionalism in building good partner relationships, Mr. Floyd Pedernal shared his hope that SC Johnson and Kythe grow together in their capacity to impact patient beneficiaries, and expressed the company’s desire to extend their reach to other Kythe affiliate hospitals. He thanked Kythe for giving the company the opportunity to help others.

On behalf of Kythe, Mr. Bacarro offered his gratitude to SC Johnson and cited the impact of the donation on the lives of the patients.

One patient to come forward and share her gift of singing was Mary Joy Mendoza, who performed Frozen’s “Let It Go.” Mary Joy was accompanied by her mother Janet Mendoza.

After his presentation, Mr. Pedernal was given personalized cards from the children of PHC, a show of appreciation for their donors.

The funds that support the Child Life Program have been crucial in promoting the holistic treatment of the patients of PHC, and for that, Kythe thanks SC Johnson for their renewal of a meaningful partnership.

A Musical Celebration

A Musical Celebration Kythe

Song and dance were a special part of the birthday celebration held by Atty. Rodel Dascil and Director General Ronald Golding in the National Children’s Hospital last August 2.

Both birthday celebrants are officers of the Senate Secretariat. Atty. Dascil is the Director General of the Senate Tax Study and Research Office while Mr. Golding is the Director General of the Senate Economic Planning Office.

In lieu of gifts from their friends, both celebrants requested donations to Kythe Foundation instead. The gifts of time, talent, and treasure were spent with the kids and their families as they enjoyed song and dance numbers from the members of the celebrants’ families and food from Jollibee.

The highlight of the celebration was the surprise appearance of popular boy group 1:43 (currently in the roster are Anjo Resurreccion, Gold Aquino, Yuki Sakamoto, and Director General Golding’s son Argee). The group performed some of their most well known songs and distributed posters. The Kythe kids, in turn, were game to sing along and ask for autographs and photo opportunities.

In light of their birthdays, Kythe thanks the celebrants for gracing the ward of National Children’s Hospital with the gift of song.