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What is a perfect birthday gift to oneself?

Celebrating birthdays is one of the most welcome and exciting milestones in a person’s life. You can celebrate in a fancy restaurant with family, or buy the latest electronic gadget. There are many choices for sure.

Kythe Vice-president Mr. William Bayot chose to celebrate his birthday on August 17, 2019 with our patients and their families. Sir William’s wish was to give hope and joy to our patients during his special day.

Sir William’s birthday also marked the grand launch of Kythe’s newest merchandise called “Caps of Courage. ” All proceeds of the sale will be used to assist patients for their medical treatment.

We hope Sir William’s birthday-celebration story inspires many people who wish to help, and make an impact in the lives of pediatric cancer patients.

Ang Chinitong Superhero
sa panulat ni Bec Aguilar

Pag binanggit ang salitang superhero
Agad nakasuot ng kapa ang naiisip ko
O di kaya may matipunong katawan na nakamaskara
Pwede din naman na may sasakyang magara

Ang superhero para sa mga bata sa Kythe ay kakaiba
Ito ay ang mismong mga magulang nila
Ang mga ate at kuya sa ospital na nangangalaga sa kanila
At higit sa lahat ang mga taong nagbabahagi ng kanilang biyaya

Ngayon naturuan ako ng mga bata
Pwede palang ang superhero ay walang kapa
Kahit karaniwang tao na handang tumulong sa kapwa
Higit pa kay superman na ating kilala

Gusto kong ipaalam may superhero akong natuklasan
Wala syang sapot o letrang S sa katawan
Handa syang tumulong kaninuman
Sekreto lang natin ito.. Sir William ang kanyang pangalan…

Saturday fun day with our PPD Pharmaceutical Devt. Phils. friends

One of our sponsors, PPD, spent a day full of giggles, laughter and high energy with our Kythe kids and their parents. There were food booths like the traditional taho and sweet corn, which fueled our kids with energy for the morning activities. The event was not just a simple gathering. It was also an opportunity for PPD employees to engage and experience our advocacy: to make room for happiness and bring healing through simple sharing and togetherness.

As we know, events like these are a welcome break for the Kythe kids and parents. This is a break from their usual routine of being hospitalized, undergoing treatment, check-up and procedures. People with positive energy alleviate the stress of kids and parents.

We thank our PPD friends for a day filled with happiness and positive vibes.

Together we soar

It was raining all over Metro Manila the day before, but the skies cleared at Amoranto Sports Complex on July 13, 2019. It was a sign of good things to come for AC Health’s 4th Anniversary. They had Kite Flying and Family Day with the Kythe pediatric cancer patients. It was a great opportunity for the kids to bond with their families, reunite with their friends from the different hospitals, meet new friends from AC Health, avail of treats from the different activities, and a lot more.

The families and volunteers had fun visiting the booths prepared by the AC Health’s sub companies and Fun Factory Philippines. The families were overjoyed with the raffle prizes. They won oven toasters, electric fans, power banks, portable gas stoves and more!

The highlight of the event was the kite flying. The kids and their families at first worked with the volunteers to assemble their colorful kites, then they joyfully flew their kites on the open field. The children were treated to a surprise confetti shower. Then the children and their families lined up to bring home their bags full of treats.

Thank you so much to our AC Health family for giving Kythe patients and their families a chance to spend precious time together.

Volunteers who learn together, stay together

Despite the threat of strong rains and flooding, Kythe Volunteers held their third batch of Volunteer Training on June 29, 2019. The training was facilitated by Carol Tongco, Kythe’s Volunteer Program Coordinator, and Charm Mercado, Philippine Orthopedic Center-Kythe Child Life Assistant. This training session had three modules. In Module 1, volunteers learned about the ChILD Model. This is a simple assessment tool developed by the Kythe Founder and Executive Director, Maria Fatima “Girlie” Garcia Lorenzo, to help volunteers design developmentally- appropriate activities for pediatric patients.

Module 2 was about discussing different hospitalization issues and learning new strategies on how to engage pediatric patients, such as draw cartoon caricature, magic tricks and origami. And Module 3 was a debriefing, wherein volunteers were given an opportunity to tell their personal stories and challenges, and how they can cope with these. In the end, the participants received a bag with different arts and crafts materials, which can serve as their volunteer’s starter kit.

Team Shangri-La the Fort Manila’s passion to help

On June 20, 2019, Shangri-La The Fort Manila volunteers visited Kythe children at Philippine Orthopedic Hospital for the third time! They donated lots of toys, board games and interactive games. Their surprises did not end there. They also gave a sound system to make their celebrate life party more fun! They brought their famous mascot named Boni De Bull! The children’s faces lit up when they saw Boni dancing to the tune of their favorite nursery rhymes. The volunteers also gave away Boni De Bull bags filled with toiletries, which the patients can use during their hospital confinement.

We thank Team Shangri-La The Fort, Manila’s commitment and passion to make the hospital a happier place for the children.

Kythe’s Growing Family

On June 22, 2019, a Kythe Volunteer Orientation was held at Quirino Memorial Medical Center. This was the highest attended volunteer orientation, with 63 participants coming from different schools and corporations. Some of them even traveled for hours just to attend the volunteer orientation. There were those who came from Laguna, Bulacan, Cavite, Batangas and other nearby provinces. We are in awe of these people’s passion to serve indigent pediatric patients.

Welcome to Kythe’s growing family!

Fly High, Conquer the Sky! – Kythe Flying Activity in Tarlac

March 18, 2019 marked the first major kite flying event hosted by the Kythe Child Life Program in Tarlac. The event was a collaborative effort of various supporters of Kythe’s programs in Tarlac Provincial Hospital (TPH). These included individuals, group and corporate sponsors, as well as doctors, friends, volunteers, survivors, and parents. It was a community effort that brought people together to spread joy to children with cancer and chronic illness in TPH.

The TPH-Kythe Flying was held at the Tarlac Recreational Park in San Jose Western Tarlac. The park was the perfect setting for the event, with wide open spaces for children to run and play, and strong winds to keep the kites flying high. The program started with a prayer led by a teen cancer patient, followed by the opening remarks from Doc Kathyrine Pascual, the beloved hematology-oncolgoy doctor of the TPH patients.

As they enjoyed their lunch, the audience was treated to a puppet show. The different activity booths offered great fun, where children decorated cupcakes, enjoyed various snacks and treats, made necklaces and bracelets.

Everyone was invited to a quick Zumba session led by members of D Z-Zone. There were group games and the children capped off the indoor activities with a dance presentation.

The afternoon ended with children flying the kites , which they decorated themselves. The sky was filled with the most colorful kites, and the park was filled with the an energetic crowd. At the end of the day, all children were given bags filled with goodies and treats. Everybody went home with hearts and spirits filled with happiness and hope.

How patients love Mary

Kythe-Cebu celebrated the Flores de Mayo and Santacruzan with pediatric cancer patients on May 31, 2019. The Flores de Mayo and Santacruzan is an annual event of Kythe-Cebu Cancer Institute since 2009. And for the past 10 years, patients and survivors have been participating in this event by offering flowers, and paying tribute to Mama Mary. This year, 14 patients and survivors joined the activity. It started with the living rosary, with the children offering flowers at the end of each mystery. The event culminated with a simple fellowship at the function hall of the Cebu Cancer Institute.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who made this event a success.