Affiliate Hospitals (Metro Manila)

Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical Center

  • Activities are held only during Saturdays (9:00am-3:00pm)
  • Max. number of 15 volunteers; you are required to submit a list of names of the volunteers beforehand; foreigners must submit a copy of passport and a CV
  • From among the confined pediatric patients, a maximum of 30 children will be invited to join in the activities, and one guardian each will accompany them
  • Bring foods that not easily spoil. Rice and a justiifiable portion of viand is usually preferred.

Child Life Coordinator: Ms. Aida Calagui, 0916 786 1952

National Children’s Hospital

  • Maximum of 10 volunteers (weekdays)
  • 10 pediatric patients, along with 10 caretakers (bedside activity)
  • Food: as much as possible, no jollibee (since jollibee has a schedule every Fridays already)
  • Transportation allowance of P100 per patient for Saturday schedule

Philippine Children’s Medical Center

  • Activites can be scheduled from Monday to Friday
  • No clinic on Saturdays – food or gift giving only
  • 40-50 pediatric out-patients (Wednesday/Thurs)
  • Monday/Tuesday/Friday – can accommodate 50-70 patients
  • 20 in-patients (gift giving only and 2 visitors only at a time are allowed)
  • Transportation allowance of P100 per patient for Saturday schedule

Child Life Coordinators:
Ms. Chay Ramos, 0926 299 9840
Dan Macalagay, 0923 588 0373

Philippine Heart Center

  • Preferrably Monday to Friday
  • Gift giving to 15-20 in-patients
  • Parties for out-patients only

Child Life Coordinator: Ms. Juliet Reyes, 0925 555 7785

Philippine Orthopedic Center

  • Activities can be scheduled from Monday to Saturday
  • Max. number of volunteers: 20
  • An average of 80 pediatric patients are confined (open ward) so everyone should be included in the activities

Child Life Coordinator: Ms. Bennie Opay, 0908 123 2329

Cancellation should be done at least 1 week prior to schedule of event. Should the cancellation be done on short notice (like 2 days before), the sponsor would have to shoulder the food of the patient and their caretakers at P100 each (ex. P100 per person: e.g. 20 patients + 20 bantays = P4,000) Deposit the amount not later than ONE WEEK AFTER the scheduled event to Kythe Foundation, Inc. BPI CA# 6031-0529-02.