Kythe Child Life Program

THIS aims to provide psycho-social support that alleviates the anxiety of pediatric patients who suffer from illness such as cancer, heart condition, kidney disease, and blood disorders.

Kythe provides families with information on basic access to medicines and treatment. The approach to enabling families to cope with their children’s condition includes counseling and bereavement support.


The recovery of the child-patient is Kythe’s priority. Through this program, assistance for necessary medical procedures, medicines, laboratory and other expenses are allocated with the hope of providing the child-patient a continuing healing process. Read more about this program.


Burdened with the expenses of chemotherapy and other medical expenses, education for children with cancer and other chronic illnesses, more often than not, takes the back seat. In an effort to deliver a more holistic care to our patients, Kythe survivors’ program aims to provide educational assistance to the patients who are willing to continue their studies and pursue a degree in college. A monthly commitment of P6,000 shall cover the daily allowance of the student including transportation, meals and other expenses that would be incurred. Read more about this program.