Junie del Mundo: Community in focus

Junie del Mundo - Community in focus Kythe

His sights set on a Philippine private sector that was full of promise and new opportunities, former diplomat and current chairman and CEO Mr. Junie del Mundo took the challenge and jumpstarted the EON Stakeholder Relations Firm with his two closest friends. EON, as Mr. del Mundo says, was his response to propelling the nation; the company has now made ripples the world over.

“16 years after we ventured into our own business, EON is now poised as one of the largest and most successful communication firms in the world. For 2 years in a row, it has been listed among the top 250 PR firms in the world in the Holmes Report’s World PR Report,” Mr. del Mundo says, of the progress the company has made over the years. “Outside overseeing operations at work, I partner with different organizations in advocating business preparedness for the ASEAN integration. “

Now with a number of challenges to engage the international business community, Mr. del Mundo says there must always be room to focus on a sense of country and community into the work itself. Many of EON’s greatest initiatives have been and continue to be centered on benefiting the country.

One such initiative is Kythe Foundation, where Mr. del Mundo is currently the vice-president of the Board of Trustees.

“It was in 2010 when we got Kythe as one of our advocacy partners,” he shares. “We helped Kythe mount its annual partners forum and contribute in operations, communication strategies, and plans for organizational development. In 2011, I was invited to be part of their board of trustees. To this day, we continue to support Kythe in its endeavor to improve the quality of life among hospitalized children with cancer and chronic illnesses.”

Both on a personal level and on the level of the EON community that he leads, Mr. del Mundo keeps the Kythe kids in perspective. Knowing that EON is about people, he believes that helping the community is not only a professional goal, but good for the soul—and that being with the kids and sharing their joy has its own rewards.

“At the heart of what I do lies a fundamental belief that ‘no amount of material success can replace the satisfaction of a life well lived,’” he says. “The kids at Kythe also give us something in return of our support. Through our community work, we witness happiness, we reach a deeper understanding of life, and we feel the love. We receive what money can’t buy. I wish that more people can extend support for the kids. So that through us, they see a world more beautiful.”