Fly High, Conquer the Sky! – Kythe Flying Activity in Tarlac

March 18, 2019 marked the first major kite flying event hosted by the Kythe Child Life Program in Tarlac. The event was a collaborative effort of various supporters of Kythe’s programs in Tarlac Provincial Hospital (TPH). These included individuals, group and corporate sponsors, as well as doctors, friends, volunteers, survivors, and parents. It was a community effort that brought people together to spread joy to children with cancer and chronic illness in TPH.

The TPH-Kythe Flying was held at the Tarlac Recreational Park in San Jose Western Tarlac. The park was the perfect setting for the event, with wide open spaces for children to run and play, and strong winds to keep the kites flying high. The program started with a prayer led by a teen cancer patient, followed by the opening remarks from Doc Kathyrine Pascual, the beloved hematology-oncolgoy doctor of the TPH patients.

As they enjoyed their lunch, the audience was treated to a puppet show. The different activity booths offered great fun, where children decorated cupcakes, enjoyed various snacks and treats, made necklaces and bracelets.

Everyone was invited to a quick Zumba session led by members of D Z-Zone. There were group games and the children capped off the indoor activities with a dance presentation.

The afternoon ended with children flying the kites , which they decorated themselves. The sky was filled with the most colorful kites, and the park was filled with the an energetic crowd. At the end of the day, all children were given bags filled with goodies and treats. Everybody went home with hearts and spirits filled with happiness and hope.