Atty. Regina Jacinto-Barrientos: Every Day, Every Act

Atty Regina Jacinto-Barrientos Every Day, Every Act

People refer to Atty. Regina Jacinto-Barrientos as a lawyer. Graduating from Ateneo de Manila University and Ateneo Law School, she stood as part of the top 15 of her class and was a member of the editorial board in the Ateneo Law Journal. In 1996, she was admitted to the Philippine Bar and became a founding partner of PJS Law. However, she is more comfortable being introduced as Reggie, the wife of tennis star Felix Barrientos and the mother of Diego and Andro.

Once rooted in a desire to change the world, Reggie’s drive in her personal and professional life matured with age, and is now directed toward making positive impact in the lives of the people that she meets and works with. Every day is important, and so is every act. “I always hope that in the 24 hours of a day, it will contain at least 1 moment that I have touched someone’s life, whether the same is by being able to help, make another person laugh, thank someone for their assistance, put order in chaos (whether at work or at home), or show someone I care for them,” she says. “Everything we do is always in the context of another and I hope that I will be able to enable another to be better.”

Reggie first became involved with Kythe through Mr. Junie del Mundo, who currently sits as vice president of the Board of Trustees. PJS Law was set to be the external counsel of Kythe Foundation. It was past president Mr. Gerry Bacarro who gave Reggie the push to contribute as a trustee. She acknowledges this to be a new kind of challenge altogether, one that has proven to be meaningful and fulfilling.

“Working with a dynamic board and being with them at my first Christmas party last year have been my memorable experience,” Reggie says. “Sharing the smiles and laughter of both the patients and volunteers made me realize that I was not the giver of gifts, but a recipient. I witnessed God’s face in the joy and smiles of the children and their families, something we sometimes forget to experience in our busy lives.”

At the heart of Reggie’s inspiration are the children and the organization’s hardworking team; her special wish is for Kythe’s continued success, that it will continue help and put in its fold more children and provide for happy memories to sustain the miracle of healing.